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Your Needs

We carefully listen to the potential customer's needs and desires. We will have ask a number of questions so as to identiful clearly what the customer desires to accomplish and what we must do to complete the work.

Then we will set up a time that is convenient to the customer to meet at the site that needs our attention. There the real discussion will bring out clearly what has to be done, so we can produce an accurate fee quote. We will explain what type of painting materials will be needed and explain the benefits of each, such as the degree of UV and water protection each affords.

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Generally we will prepare a proposal at our office, for there we can share pictures of the work site with other members of the staff so as to apply a broader range of experience to your project.

A written proposal will be prepared, and once accepted, we will not deviated from it, unless the customer materially changes the scope of the engagement.

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Project Completion

We will set a start time that is convenient to the client. Once begun, we will make every effort within our control to adhear to the agreed upon work schedule. We will have all materials required onhand at the start, for we plan for completion in two days, weather and humidity permitting.

Our goal is to religeously protect the work area through the use of plastic, cloth, and the most powerful portable vacumms we can find. This generally includes removing the door to the exterior of the house - plus - temporarily sealing the door to keep the dust and weather out and the clean and conditioned air in. Each evening the door will be rehung so it can be secured for the night.

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Follow Up

It goes without saying that the customer must be fully satisfied before we present a billing, but our team must be satisfied too. Another member of our staff will make a follow up visit to examine the work and discuss the worker's performance with the client.

Since the Texas weather and our brutal sun is very hard on stained or painted surfaces, we recommend a possible light touch up on doors annually, but no later than two year. We like to revisit each client and ask their imput as to the doors condition.

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Recent Work


A tall single door with
western motief
metal bars

This door was refinised at the request
of a painting contractor.

3808 Anne Ct, Flower Mound, Tx


Damaged Single Door

This job required adding strength
to a water damaged door.

7812 Fairwest Ct, NRH, TX


Single Door Caught
by Sudden Storm

Door was in final stages of varnishing
while under a sun tent when a sudden
Texas rain storm hit the neighborhood.
The door was covered but the wind was
blowing rain under the cover.

8013b Camino Dr, NRH, Tx


Single Door Caught
by Sudden Storm

The wind and heavy rain collasped
the sun tent and the freshly
varnished door was drenched.

8013b Camino Dr, NRH, Tx


Single Door Caught
by Sudden Storm

The storm was gone as quick as it had
come. The door was dried by cloth
and rehung on its frame. No damage to
the varnish. The water based varnish
we use is amazingly tough.

8013 Camino Dr, NRH, Tx


Grand set of Doors

This custom made stained glass
doors, window lights and
transom required a lot of
special care to complete.
This was another job done
for a painting contractor.

3719 W 6th St. Ft Worth, Tx


Nailed on metalwork

This is a sample of the
type of metal items that have
to be carefully removed, repainted
then re-attached to doors in
our area.

8116 Long Trail, NRH, Tx

Latest News

Want an estimate of how much a door weighs?

Here is a link to a UK website that has a handy calcuclator for you:
The image below is a screen shot of a sample door weight calculation.


Excited about Varnish? We are!

Minwax® Pro Series Spar Urethane, introduced in 2016, claims SUPERIOR FADE PROTECTION and ADVANCED DIRT RESISTANCE

Minwax® Pro Series Spar Urethane is a professional, water-based, crystal clear protective finish that forms a protective barrier against rain, moisture and sunlight.

.... They claimed: Contains enhanced ultraviolet absorbers to reduce the sun's graying and fading effects.

.... They claimed: Special oils allow the finish to expand and contract with the wood as seasons, temperatures and humidity change.

Our Experience With the product:
It provides an excellent shine/finish when four coats are applied at the rate of two hours in between. As suggusted by the manufacturer, light sanding between coats is required. And yes, the water cleanup speeds the process, saves on the brushes, and keeps the customers' premises clean.

The varnish is more self-leveling than the older urethane varnishes. This means brush strokes are better hidden.

Minwax's test results indicate we should get around three years of good varnish covereage, even in full sun exposure, before the door might need a light recoverage. This assumes the finish gets regular mild soap and water cleanings.


Oil Based Exterior Stains

Now, more than ever, there are many stain colors and types to choose from.
The one shown is Miniwax oil based.

We have found that all stains: oil based, water based, interior, exterior, brushed, wiped, etc., can be used on an exterior door as long as it is covered by UV [ultraviolet] protected top coats[3-4]. Such as the MiniWax Pro Series or Miniwax outdoor Spar Urethane. That gives the customers many choices in how their door can be matched to their tastes in decorating.

We prefer an oil based stain because of its slower drying time. This delay allows us to work it more consistently in order to achieve highs and lows where we want them. The downside is the oil based stain requires at least six hours of drying time before varnish can be applied over it. This means our door job generally takes two days: day 1 - door sanding and staining with day 2 applying 4 coats of varnish, with two hours in between coats.

   Our Promise to Our Customers


A Perfect Product

First, is technical. We study and test a select the "top of the line" painting products on the market. Manufactures are recognizing the price/value importance of durability of their products. We in Texas especially know the effects of the ultraviolet rays (UV) of direct sunlight, heat and cold, rapid temperature changes, moisture, and abrasive dust and dirt. Manufactures are now building into their paint products protection from these factors. We study their marketing claims, read the research documents, and look at customer satisfaction ratings before recommending any product to a customer. What we recommend is based upon the customer's unique set of circumstances such as sun and weather exposure. Choices to make are - oil based or water based; stain or paint; gloss, semi-gloss, or satin finish; to name a few.

Second, is our technical performance. This encompasses all stages of the restoration: existing finish removal; wood pre-paint preparation; applying of stain or painting; applying any protective finishes. The emphasis is on performing in the manner that was promised to our customers. Every job is unique as to the existing door, all that surrounds it, the weather, and neighborhood requirements, so our technicians have the training and experience to adjust to that environment and delivery an outstanding product.


Delivered by a caring, friendly person

Our personnel are instructed to adhere to the motto of "the customer is always right", plus, we add the values of the Christen faith along with a sense of humor. With the intent of establishing a long-term client relationship even before beginning we need the client's understanding of the steps we do through and the timing of those steps. In doing so we attempt to learn of any special circumstances we must adjust to, be it pets, children, events, holidays, other workers, or deliveries that might affect our performance.

We want each customer to know we have a "no-hassle" touch up or corrective policy, which means we will “go the extra mile” or "hour" to make our customers happy. With the customer's participation we can make their door project a piece of art that they can share with family, friends, or anyone who simply walks up to the front door.


In a timely fashion

While we consider our work art, what our customers today thinks of as "on-time delivery" is not only stricter than what her parents would have tolerated, it’s stricter than what even her older sister would have tolerated, so we make Herculean efforts to hit our completion estimate on the head. And that generally would be two days for a single door and three days for double doors.


An effective problem resolution process

Service breakdowns and other problems encountered by our painting personnel are crucial emotional moments in our business. We want then resolved immediately upon discover. Supervisory personnel will inspect each painting project while it is in progress where possible or no later than one week from completion. We inspect from the customer's perspective plus having an eye toward improving that job's personnel performance, as well as giving Chic Doors future customers a better product. Should the customer find a problem or simply have questions, we welcome a call to 817-793-2930 anytime to gives us an opportunity to give answers or make adjustments the customer deserves.


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We have a contact page on the website, call 817-793-2930, or email chicdoors@gmail.com

Office hours are 10 am to 6 pm monday - friday

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