About Us


Experience knowledge

Our local team at Chic Doors have many years of combined experience and knowledge in repairing and refurbishing exterior and interior doors. By partnering our skills in carpentry with our expert master painting and staining skills, we are able to provide all of our clients with a service that is second to none in the industry.

Passion perfection

While the mechanics of painting, such as hand - eye coordination, are very important, the door's colors, hues, texture, and general appearance must achieve a balance with the other elements of the house, such as the frame, surrounding features, lighting, windows, and more. Here our team have experieience and training to make the results real art.

Customer driven

Before beginning we listen to what you, the customer, really wants, for that is who has the critical opinion we must ultimately satisfy. We are trained to ask questions and offer suggestions in order to arrive at a clear understanding as to what is needed to obtain real customer satisfaction.

Our Team


William Stanford

Founder and Master Craftsman


WarZhu Bear

Team Mascot


Sherry Shields

Logistics director


Thelma Stanford

Purchasing manager